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The tour, starting at the customer service desk at MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre, will guide you around the buildings of the Workhouse telling the human stories of the inmates that lived and died within the walls.

Learn about the unexpected discovery of over 970 human remains described as the most significant discovery in the world relating to the Irish Famine.


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Famine Experience Launch

Witness the poignant launch event from 2017, where community and project creators came together to unveil the award-winning sculpture. Witness the efforts of work completed at memorial garden, as a result of the community connection project which linked to over 970 famine victims to members of our local community and people with connections to the site and its heritage. Watch a descendant of one of our Orphan girls as she retraced the steps of her great, great grandmother back to the Kilkenny Union Workhouse and shared her perspective on the project’s special connections made to families of survivors across the world.

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